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Product Details :

RIFT Actuators / Smart-Electric actuators are made in UK with next Gen Technology suitable for high end precision and reliable applications for Under water and subsea installations, Sprinkler Systems, Air pressure Control vents, HVAC Damper Controls, Fire safety Systems, Water Grids, Power Plants, Pharma, Chemical Plants, Research Labs, Ship Ballast systems supported by Advanced Analytical Solution (RIFT Analytics) that enables customers to monitor process functions.

RIFT Actuators are Bluetooth enabled and fully configurable via Android App. Torque Profiling, High Accuracy, upgradable with value added features like Failsafe, Wiggle, Modulation, Speed control, Muti Turn, Quarter Turn, inbuilt PLC, Local Manual control. Electronic setting through App, Cloud configuration App data logging and configuration. Light weight, small and compact design, Energy efficient, Reduced Inventory due to multi features, Large number of options and features significantly improving life and performance of the valves and dampers used in a huge range of applications.

Manufactured by RIFT Actuators UK. These are used in various application industries like...
Valve industries,
automation industries,
Fire water system for buildings,
Heating Ventilation and air-conditioning,
Marine ballast system,
Marine Industries,
Pharma industries,
Chemical plants etc.